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For the 2023 FWC, we are committed to bringing you the most influential logistics event in the world.

At the Congress, many of the world’s leading logistics companies will showcase their latest innovations, and we will be announcing soon the industry leaders who will speak on our FIATA World Congress stages.
As we prepare for the 2023 FWC registration to launch in the fall, read more about our plans for the Congress in the News Section. 

What’s New for the 2023 FWC 

The 2023 FIATA World Congress will introduce a new programme.

A letter from 2023 FIATA World Congress Chair

Why the FIATA Congress?


Dear friends, colleagues and partners,

Here we are, two years after the planned FIATA World Congress in Brussels, Belgium, postponed due to the pandemic which shook the world, to warmly invite you to join us this time in Europe! The 2023 FIATA World Congress will take place in Brussels, Belgium in October, where we will meet to exchange, learn, network with new faces, and enjoy the best of Belgium culture!

The Congress host for the 2023 FWC, Forward Belgium, the Belgian Freight Forwarding Association, have invested considerable time into planning this long-awaited Congress since the winning bid in 2018. Eyes will move to the city which is de facto capital of the European Union, where international bodies come together to progress in collaboration, and European logistics is strategically well-placed! Brussels lies just 30km from the Port of Antwerp, the second largest port in Europe. The city is well-connected not only via sea, but also air, with Brussels International Airport, the Liege Cargo airport, and Ostend airport in reachable vicinity of the capital. Road and rail transport are also strategically well-placed in this European capital, where important connections to powerhouse Germany, France and Northern Europe can be found.

With this Congress organised and hosted under the title ‘The Changing Climate of Logistics’, the freight forwarding community at large, including FIATA members and non-members, can expect focus on the sustainability of our industry, and to put heads together on moving forward sustainably to meet government-set goals and regulations in coming years. The organising host shares of a dense schedule to discuss important matters which touch the global logistics community, and promises an excellent networking and growth opportunity for delegates who join us!

We thank the Forward Belgium team, particularly 2023 FIATA World Congress Chairman Marc Huybrechts, for their support, heartfelt welcome to Brussels, and the host country authorities and involved organisations who have helped to make the event possible.

We at FIATA, along with the organising committee, very much look forward to welcoming you to this international city, and hope to see many faces again very soon! Register at once so as to not miss this exciting opportunity!


Ivan Petrov
FIATA President

Dear Colleagues, Dear Sponsors,

FORWARD  Belgium (the Belgian Freight Forwarding Association) is honoured to host the 2023 FIATA World Congress in Brussels.

Brussels is considered the de facto capital of the European Union, where key decisions are made on a daily basis and where more than 2000 international associations are present for that very reason.

The FIATA World Congress is held every year and is one the largest and most important events in the logistics industry’s calendar.

The FIATA World Congress will benefit from the easy connections with all major European and non-European cities.

Thanks to its central location, Belgium – the Heart of Europe – is the perfect country to set up an European logistics headquarter or distribution centre; because of its infrastructure, skilled workforce and the IT opportunities, it is an ideal location to conquer the European market.

One of Belgium’s transport infrastructure’s key components is its many seaports, including the Port of Antwerp, which is the second largest in Europe and only 30 km away from Brussels.

Brussels, Liege and Ostend airports are important hubs for Full Freighters and Belgium is a preferred location for many Full Freighter operators’ European head offices.

The seaports of Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Ghent, Ostend and Brussels, as well as the many inland waterway ports, the logistics and distribution centres, are all growing rapidly by seizing all opportunities and taking on new challenges.

For its 2023 edition, the FIATA World Congress’ theme and tagline is ‘‘ The Changing Climate of Logistics ‘‘, with sustainability and climate change high on the agenda. The Congress will also be an opportunity to reflect on COVID-19 and its significant impacts on our daily work. COVID-19 was unexpected but proved the strength of our industry to be adaptable and resilient and also unveiled our weaknesses – at 2023 FWC, we will take some time to understand how we can better anticipate and discuss ways to be stronger as a community.

2023 FWC promises to be a very dense exchange between our participants, full of insightful conversations on the future of our industry.

We very much look forward to this special event and hope you will find exciting opportunities in this sponsoring and exhibitors brochure.

Marc Huybrechts
Chairman 2023 FIATA World Congress

Registration for the 2023 FWC is now open!

Join us in Brussels to discuss “The Changing Climate of Logistics”, connect with our industry’s thought leaders, innovators and policymakers, and network with freight forwarders from all over the world.

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